Episode #01 : Knight SHowdown In The City

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Knight: Showdown In The City

Knight Showdown In The City

A night out with the girls ends in an incredible twisting ride for stewardess Dominika. After she and her friends Susan and Penny meet the handsome “Jose” at an airport bar, the mysterious stranger insinuates himself into their company. As Susan prepares for a romantic evening with Jose, they soon find out that Jose has his own plans and motivations. He is there to do a job, and one that will lead the small circle of friends into intrigue and danger. He is there to kill Dominika’s on and off lover, undercover agent, Tony Knight.

Tony Knight is an undercover agent with a past. The former Special Forces Marine and agency asset has a past filled with tragedy and betrayal. His plans for a quiet evening with his sultry ex provide the perfect opportunity for Jose to unleash the Deep State’s plans to terminate the rogue agent and tie up loose ends. Jose eventually makes an excuse to slip away from the girls, and uses the camouflage of night to lay his trap. As Knight makes his way to Dominka’s the trap is unleashed and Jose uses all of the skills in his repertoire to kill the unsuspecting Marine. The attack doesn’t go as quickly as Jose planned. Knight’s own skills make him a more than worthy opponent for the stealth assassin. Jose must flee or risks being seen as rescuers arrive to save the nearly unconscious Knight.

Showdown in the City is a fast paced thriller that delivers action, intrigue, and the nascent beginnings of a quest that will take Tony Knight from the urban jungle of New York City to the next: the deadly Amazon rain forests of South America.

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