Episode #02 : Knight In The Jungle

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Knight In The Jungle

Knight In The Jungle

Knight in the Jungle is the second story in the Knight Trilogy. The events pick up where Showdown in the City leaves off with undercover agent Tony Knight barely surviving an ambush from Deep State operative known to them as José “El Carnicero” Vasquez. As he lies in his hospital bed recovering from the attack, Knight is aided by FBI contact J.P. Archer and the lovely Dominika . Together the team begins to put the puzzle pieces from the attack together, as Knight works through the scattered memories of his past looking for clues.

After Knight believes that the answers he is looking for are in South America he heads south with revenge on his mind. As the former operative chases the elusive Vasquez to the Amazon basin he dives deeper into the mystery of his own attempted assassination. Questions plague the former Marine: Who is behind Vasquez? Why are they coming for him? Why now? As he seeks his prey through hot jungles and Potemkin villages that hide the truth for a seedy underclass, Knight inches closer and closer to the truth.

Along the way he discovers a shady cast of characters with drug and political connections that wake him up to the reality that his true adversary is the Deep State. As he makes his way through the Amazon in pursuit of Vasquez, Knight begins to formulate his own plans for dismantling the shadow government that runs the world.

Knight in the Jungle is a nail-biting journey through dangerous jungles and the murky waters of Deep State machinations. The protagonist struggles not only against spies and human assassins hell-bent on killing him with poison, but also the creatures of the dark forests and glades of the Amazon jungle.

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