Episode #03 : Knight Discovering The Deep State

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Knight Discovering The Deep State

Knight Discovering The Deep State

Discovering the Deep State is the final book in the Knight trilogy. Undercover agent Tony Knight has just returned from his adventures in the Amazon. Still healing from the deadly wounds he received on his adventure he reports back to the Bureau with the information he gained on his hunt for Deep State operative Jose “El Carnicero” Vasquez. Clues about the mysterious operative reach suspiciously “dead” ends and Knight begins to seek answers from inside and outside of the Bureau. Unfortunately, he keeps hitting roadblocks, both in the search for the truth and his private life.

Looking to once against kick it with the beautiful Dominika, Knight notices that every attempt to reach her ends in vague excuses. The previously eager Dominika has suddenly become suspiciously unavailable and evasive. Her taciturn response only incites the Marine’s curiosity and causes him to shadow her movements looking for answers. As her trail leads to a hotel room on the far side of town, Knight makes a startling discovery. Dominika is there to meet someone! His nemesis and would be-killer Jose Vasquez.

The final showdown in Discovering the Deep State is an action-packed thrill ride that pulls the reader into the fray. Who will win in this battle of undercover agents and what truth will the conflict finally bring? The answer is found in the final chapters of this perilous adventure. Discovering the Deep State is a Clancy-like thriller that draws the reader in with its realism and brutality. The stakes are high for everyone in this last novel. What will its end bring for Knight, a conclusion or a new beginning?

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