PILOT - On the edge of knight : Mixtape

1 hour mix by DJ Black Orchid - Download the e-books or book of On The Edge Of Knight (Showdown In The City, Knight In The Jungle and Discovering The Deep State) to gain access to the FREE ONE HOUR mix-tape with playlist created for each episode.

September 2017 01:00:52 minutes Lifestyle Download e-Book/Book

On The Edge Of Knight

On The Edge Of Knight

A mysterious USB Internet connection appears on Secret Agent Tony Knight’s computer. Tap…A totally unfamiliar screen pops up and arouses his curiosity. Tap…a voice assures Tony that he has been selected to receive top-secret information uncovering situations that go beyond his wildest fears and fantasies. Tap…Three cases are revealed. Case 1: Showdown In The City. Case 2: Knight In The Jungle. Case 3: Deep State.

The award winning graphic designer and storyteller, Anthony Phills created, “On The Edge Of Knight” in three heart stopping, compelling, spellbinding short stories issued at the same time! This new journey in interactive book publishing transports you to three exciting geographical locations…the mean streets of New York City, the hidden jungles in South America and the covert government in Washington, DC.

You enter the parallel worlds of good and evil. Tony Knight is the flawed hero. Sexy Secret Agent Dominika is a cunning double agent ongoing romance. Conspiracy is intertwined with terrorists, Homeland Security and CIA shadow networks operating within government agencies. The stories are filled with cutthroat characters, smart foreign hackers, espionage, life and death, treachery and finally…redemption. Okay, only partial redemption. “On The Edge Of Knight” will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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