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On The Edge Of Knight : Mixtapes

“On The Edge Of Knight” an eBook, hair-raising, spy story adventure trilogy from the creative mind of award winning designer and author, Anthony Phills blazes with fictional story playing out in today’s news. The words and action are brought to life by the phenomenal music that underlies all three books. The music sets the mood. When terrorists are on the scene, the music is eerie. Enter the Deep-State and the music pulsates emulating a beating heart. You will know when the CIA approaches, the music reverts to echoing notes of pulsating caution. Tony Knight’s love interest and cunning double agent, Dominika is portrayed by two decidedly different tracks. One is sweet and romantic the other awakens your senses to danger. The music like the story is dark and helps to transport your mind and body into the corrupt under belly of the world. The mood is somber. “On the Edge Of Knight” mixtape foreshadows events and makes your heart keep time with the soundtrack. The Knight Mixtape is haunting!


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